Your subscription could not be renewed as the charge to your card was unsuccessful.

We suggest that you first check with your bank or card issuer directly, as it is likely that your bank has blocked this transaction, or you have pending matters to sort with your bank pertaining to your credit card.

Once you’ve sorted matters with your bank, you may re-enter the details of the same card or another card to settle the pending payment to continue your subscription.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Log in to via browsers Google Chrome / Safari with your login credentials

Step 2: Go to "Subscription", Choose either "VI App" / "Bubbles", tap on "Settle Payment". From there, you will be prompted to complete your Pending payment. 

Step 3: On the payment page, enter the details of a new credit/debit card number. You may also select "Use Existing Card to Pay" if you've sorted out matters with your bank.

IMPORTANT note: Please complete the steps above within 7days from the date of the email to avoid any cancellation to your subscription. Once subscription is cancelled, you would need to re-subscribe with the prevailing subscription plan price.

Need additional help? Submit a New Support Ticket and our team will get back to you via email.