VI Analysis

  • VI Risk Rating- Identifies high-risk stocks, corporate governance issues or accounting treatments, vigorously supported by backtesting.
  • VI Star Chart - Comprehensive snapshot of a company’s performance based on profitability, financial health, growth, assets and dividends.
  • VI Line - Smart algorithms to calculate intrinsic value of a company, calculates Margin-of-Safety based on different valuation methods and provides quick overview of valuation vs price of companies.

VI Screener

Search and screen companies with great potential that suit your investment preference in seconds.

VI Portfolio

Keeps a record of investment positions, allows tracking and monitoring and shows portfolio performance at a glance.

VI Watchlist

Potential companies to watch, organised into one space, with consolidated view of companies for easy monitoring, and notifications when opportunities arise.

VI Social Bubble

Social media module for all users which encourages exchange of investment opinions and ideas, aggregates market sentiments and improves important information flow.

VI App subscribers who are currently on any one of the subscription plans or VIC graduates would have access to the private bubbles and will be able to join the exclusive discussions happening inside. 

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