VI App Subscription is on auto-renewal basis. Hence, there is no additional action required on your end if you wish to continue with your subscription.

You can find your next billing date/renewal date on the "Subscription" tab.

In the event that you do not wish to continue, you may do the following steps:

Step 1: Log in to via browsers Google Chrome / Safari with your login credentials  

Step 2: Tap on "Subscription" and scroll to the bottom.

Step 3: Tap on the switch for "Auto-Renewal". It should go from ON to OFF.

Important notes:

This option is not available for the iOS version of VI App. If you're on the iOS version, kindly do this process on your Safari browser, as mentioned in Step 1.

This will not reverse any charges if your card has been charged for renewal, and it only valid before your subscription auto-renews itself.

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