You can join a group/community to interact with other like-minded VI App users/subscribers and discuss the latest news updates in stock market


There are 3 types of Bubble:

Public Bubble

These Bubbles can be accessed and followed by all VI App users e.g. @vi / @vi中文

Invite-Only Bubble 

You will be automatically added to these Bubbles if you are eligible e.g. you will be added @visubscriber Bubble automatically if you're a paying VI App subscriber

Paid Bubble 

These Bubbles are by subscription only and you will be added if you are a subscriber to that Bubble e.g. @viosplus

To start interacting with your community, just enter @ in the search bar, followed by the name of the community you wish to interact, e.g. @visubscriber and tap on the result to land in the Bubble to start your post.

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