1. What’s the benefit of opening an account thru VI App? 
    • By opening an account thru VI App, you could enjoy the existing promotion with iFAST, and you can observe your portfolio with VI App feature as well.
  2. When would the portfolio in VI App reflect the latest status? 
    • The update will be done daily. And the dates and time will be show in the portfolio page
  3. Can I rely on VI App for my portfolio information? 
    • Due to the updated timing, do always refer to iFAST Portfolio before placing trade.
  4. Can I transact on VI App? 
    • The trade button facilitate your action and will bring you to iFAST to place order.
  5. What happened to my portfolio if I stop VI App Subscriptions? 
    • You still be able to see your portfolio info, just that you couldn't see VI App paid Features.