VI (read as “vee”) is a Singapore-based FinEduTech company through VI App and VI College.

As the region’s leading Financial Education provider*, VI College transforms the perception of value investing by instilling global knowledge and investment techniques while VI App, a proprietary stock analysis tool, simplifies the complex stock analysis process into easy-to-use visuals under a comprehensive framework. 

Owned by 8VI Holdings Ltd, a Singapore-based investment holding company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), VI empowers the average man-on-the-street to achieve sustainable wealth as part of their mission to make investments smarter, faster and easier.

With offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Shanghai, VI College supports a community of value investors from 29 cities globally through its flagship “VI Bootcamp” and other advanced programmes.

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*Sourced from Euromonitor Report based on estimated course revenue receipts of value investing courses in calendar year 2016, research conducted in June - August 2017 in Singapore and in Malaysia.